Thanks James - these are excellent points, lots to agree with!

On 3., I think there is a sliding scale that most people sit on here - very few people are either market fundamentalists or communists. I definitely buy the idea that we ought to aim more explicitly to improve wellbeing, but I guess I'd only want to override the market where there is pretty strong evidence it's the right thing to do. For gambling it seems pretty obvious there is, but for other things I'd be more cautious.

On 6., I have basically stolen this point from Eric and Corinne (thoroughly recommend Supercharge Me, their book if you haven't already read). It has genuinely reshaped the way I think about some aspects of economics and climate change

On 11., my knowledge of the actual literature is desperately light, but I took this point from Luis Araujo. I think this paper is his best summary

I write for Nesta’s All You Can Heat by day, and am writing the What Would Make Life Better? series by night. With occasional economic history thrown in too!

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